Sunday, September 13, 2009

Make Your Own Deadlines

Let me share two truths about deadlines:

1) Writers who live with regular deadlines tend to write more material than writers who don't.
2) Sometimes, a ridiculous deadline can drive you to feats of godlike productivity.

So why not manufacture deadlines for yourself as a productivity tool? Some examples:

- I will complete a short story draft by Friday.
- I will write, edit and queue up four short blog posts by the end of the day today.
- By the end of this month I will have completed an outline and a draft of the first four chapters of my novel.

"Yeah, sure," you might say, "but those types of deadlines don't count. They won't motivate me. A real deadline has to be put in place by a real boss who can make me face the consequences."

I've got news for you. You are your own boss. You are in charge. And you have the power to motivate yourself far more effectively than some boss from some job.