Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Hypothetical Novel

I have a friend who has lots of life dreams, and he loves--simply loves--to talk about them.

One of his biggest dreams involves writing a novel. He's spoken to me in great detail about the plot, the setting, and the various themes and messages he plans to address in this novel. He's even gone so far as to talk about the genre of his hoped-for novel and who his likely readers would be.

Has he written a single word? Nope. It's too easy for him to sit around and talk about it.

After all, he can fantasize about how wonderful the experience of writing will be without ever having to experience the suffering involved in starting, much less finishing, a book.

And since his novel exists in an idealized state in his imagination, an editor will never rip apart his first draft. His writing will never makes him cringe. His manuscript will never go unsold. Heck, why suffer and actually write a novel when talking about it is so much more fun?

And that's why my friend's book doesn't (and probably never will) exist.

Less talk, more write. Don't let your dreams and goals remain hypothetical.