Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pace Yourself for Blogging

While I was in Hawaii recently, I watched a pair of beginner surfers excitedly rent boards, leash up, leap into the water and paddle energetically out to the break.

Unfortunately, once they got out there they'd used up all their strength. They were too exhausted to catch a wave.

I never thought I'd find surfing to be metaphor for blogging, but it is a surprisingly useful one. Most new blogger leap into blogging, posting once a day, or even multiple times a day, only to run out of gas and ideas after just a few weeks.

Pace yourself. Start with modest goals of one or perhaps two posts a week and make those posts truly worth reading. See how it goes for the first few months. You can always increase your posting rate in the future.

And if you find it easier than you expected to create extra content beyond those two posts a week, build up a backlog of material that you can keep in the can and ready to go.

Most importantly, make sure all of your content creates value for your readers. You'll capture a serious audience who will stay with you, and your blog will survive and flourish.