Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How Much Editing Does Your Writing Need? More.

We've discussed elsewhere in this blog how important it is at times to turn off your editor--to shut down that voice in your head that tries to rephrase and reword your writing before it even gets composed.

But in no way does this mean that editing isn't important. In fact, it is the most critical step in raising your writing from the ordinary to the extraordinary. And in the world of blogging, competent editing can set you head and shoulders above the masses.

Every time you make an editing pass through your text you have the opportunity to make your writing tighter, more cogent and more memorable. Not to mention that you also get the opportunity to remove grammar, spelling and usage errors that can brand you an insta-idiot in the eyes of potential readers.

Your work will always benefit by one more careful pass by a pair of rested eyes. And don't forget, you can also use someone else's eyes to catch things you'll invariably miss in your own writing.

If you ever wonder how much editing your writing needs, the answer is always more. This is perhaps the most important rule of good writing.