Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Problem of Ego

Your ego is the biggest obstacle between you and a successful writing career. It prevents 95% of writers from ever putting their work out there.

How? By manifesting in the form of that little voice we all have in the backs of our heads--that voice telling us our ideas are rubbish and our writing sucks.

Everyone has this voice, and most writers break down under it.

Effective writers, however, learn to harness their egos. After all, what is it that drives us to make our work better? What drives us to make that extra editing pass through our work, to tighten our phrasing and omit needless words just one more time?

Our ego! It is essentially an act of the ego that drives us to make the work we put out there as polished and as perfect as it can be.

Oh, the irony. You can't afford to listen to your ego when you're creating your work. And you can't afford not to listen to it when you're perfecting your work.