Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Capturing Your Ideas

The secret to being a successful writer isn't writing every day, it isn't goal-setting, and it isn't about omitting needless words.

Your success is a function of how effectively you capture your ideas.

That's why a simple notebook is a writer's most priceless tool. Get one that fits in your pocket or purse, and whenever a decent idea pops into your head, capture it by writing it down.

Most of my best ideas, both for this blog and for my food blog Casual Kitchen, pop into my head at despairingly unpredictable times: when I'm in the grocery store, during my afternoon run, or right before I'm about to fall asleep.

I probably have the most ideas of all, however, when I'm reading books. That's why it's simply critical to keep a small notebook next to you while reading.

Some writers keep separate notebooks for separate subjects, but I recommend combining all your ideas, at least initially, into one main notebook. You never what kinds of cross-fertilizations you'll come up with, and mixing thoughts, notions and conclusions from disparate subjects will drive your most powerful and original ideas.