Sunday, December 19, 2010

Media Fasting

How much real value do you get out of passive media consumption activities such as watching television, undirected internet surfing, playing video games, reading fluff magazines or passively listening to radio programming?

After you've consume media like this, do you feel better--either about yourself or about the world? Does this content relax you? Does it inform you or help you think? Does it help you become more effective and productive? Does it help you form beneficial social connections?

Or does it stress you out? Make you unhappy? Make you regret the wasted time?

Most importantly of all, does it make you a better writer?

If you're not happy with your answers to these questions, I encourage you to try a media fast and avoid all media for some brief period of time. I'd suggest starting with a one week trial--it's a long enough period that you'll see some significant results, but not so long that you'll fall out of step with what's happening in the world.

See how a media-free week affects your writing. See how it makes you feel about your life. Will you feel less distracted, and--most importantly--more creative?

I predict you will.