Sunday, January 16, 2011

Paperless Writing

After nearly twenty-five years of writing, I'm finally a paperless writer.

Younger readers of this blog will laugh out loud to learn that when I was in college, I composed my English Lit papers in longhand before typing them up. This was of course back in the days of quill pens.

It took me years to shift to composing on a computer. And even after making that shift, I always edited drafts using a hard-copy printout. There was just something special about using a pen to mark up the page. It felt tactile and real in a way that editing on a computer screen didn't.

But even old writers can change long-held writing habits. And in the past few months I've transitioned to a 100% paperless process.

More importantly, I'm writing more efficiently, catching about the same amount of errors--and I don't have to waste money on criminally expensive printer cartridges.

I still murder my fair share of sentences, but at least I no longer murder trees.

Readers, is your writing process paperless? Why or why not?