Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Neutrality Bites

Whatever you do, don't be neutral in your writing. Take a stand, make a strong argument for it, and for heaven's sake don't use verbal qualifiers. Don't adopt a neutral tone, don't adopt neutral positions and don't make neutral statements.

Neutral doesn't make people think or react. Neutral doesn't encourage people to take action. Neutral doesn't add to the collective wisdom.

Nobody wants to read anything neutral.

If what you're writing makes you cringe a little bit, if it seems a bit too forceful and you find yourself hesitating to publish it, consider the idea that this might actually be powerful writing that will impact your readers.

It might very well piss a few of them off too, and that's okay. It's better than squandering the world's precious time on another boring, inconsequential and neutral article that says nothing.