Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Importance of Blogs and Blogging

"Blogs. They're so narcissistic."

Ironically, this statement is far more narcissistic than any blog could ever be.

Here's why: I have a friend who writes Climb The Rainbow, a blog about domestic violence. It's based on her personal experiences of being in--and eventually getting out of--an abusive relationship. This blog has changed peoples' lives, and in several instances it has directly helped people escape from abusive relationships.

Yep, blogs are narcissistic all right.

The exact opposite is true. Blogs connect people. They enable people to share experiences through writing--without the interference of the publishing industry. They help people find others facing similar problems and challenges.

And since blogs and blog comments can be anonymous, they help like-minded people discuss sensitive but important subjects that would otherwise be off-limits in the real world.

My friend with the domestic violence website wouldn't have been able to process and overcome her challenges without her blog. She wouldn't be able to share her story. And her readers would have suffered for it.

How can you help your readers when you write for your blog? How can you be a positive influence like this?

Wait, you don't have a blog? That's pretty narcissistic, don't you think?

This post is gratefully dedicated to Taz at Climb the Rainbow.