Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Greatest Writing Lie of the Internet Era

Your ideas are more important than grammar, spelling or typos.

This is the most arrogant statement ever made about writing.

How intellectually shoddy is it to make your readers stumble through grammatical errors and spelling mistakes? Do you think your credibility is so great that readers will overlook these?

Maybe that's why nobody reads you.

Ideas are of course important. But writers should never be so narcissistic to think that their readers should have to suffer to get to their ideas.

Don't confuse the insight here. No one says you must spend months copy-editing a blog post before publishing it. Infrequent, stray errors and typos are a normal and reasonable occurrence in all writing. The question is, how many typos are too many? At what point does poor grammar repel readers?

If you're at all unsure of the answers to these questions, make one more editing pass through your work. Then press publish.