Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Snark Kills

Have you ever watched TV shows like The Best One-Hit Wonders of the 80s, Worst Celebrity Breakups, or other shows featuring people making snarky comments about content created by others?

Why do these show grab viewers? Because they satisfy two of humanity's guiltiest pleasures: nostalgia and making fun of things. These shows combine both and spoon-feed them to viewers. After a while, though, it becomes painfully clear how empty this content really is. It's all snark. And snark isn't creative or original, it's imitative. And destructive.

It's so much much easier to create derivative content with a snarky tone than it is to create inspiring, original work. And today, with a media driven to create cheap and easily-made content that grabs viewers, snark is everywhere. Worse, it is impacting our culture in every way.

Look across all of history's greatest books or history's greatest movies. You won't find a single example of snark. Why do you think that is?

Don't be tempted. Don't settle for sarcastic meta-content. Create something original instead.