Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Meaning to Write

I'd love to write but...

I don't have time,
I have kids,
I have a really hard job that takes up a lot of hours each day,
I spend too much time watching TV or looking at Facebook
(congrats on your honesty).

Go ahead and feel free to use any or all of these reasons for not writing. Except for that last one, they are all excellent excuses.

I'm totally serious. Go right ahead. You can even use a whiny tone of voice if you like.

But please, admit to yourself the real truth: you actually don't want to write. If you really wanted to write, you'd write.

You don't really want to write. Accept it. Or else prove me wrong.

The next time you reflexively make an excuse for not doing something you've always wanted to do, please think about this post.