Sunday, February 5, 2012

First, You Suck

When you first start writing, no one will read you.

Reread that sentence. This is a coincidence so perfect that it might prove God wants us to be happy.

Think about it: you get to practice, take chances and make all kinds of embarrassing writing mistakes in total obscurity. No one will ever know that your writing sucks. Hell, right now, no one knows you exist.

You have only one obligation: to keep practicing. After years (or maybe decades--let's not get ahead of ourselves) of practice and improvement, you'll be ready when your audience finds you.

I think back to the terrible crap I wrote when I first started Casual Kitchen, and I simply can't believe anyone could stand to read me back then. But the truth was, nobody did read me, other than my wife and a few kindhearted family members.

But I kept writing, I gradually found my voice, and the readers came. You'll find the same thing.