Sunday, April 29, 2012

Delaying Tactics

Setting up your new writing space just so. Waiting for your brand new laptop to arrive, the one you're going to use for all your writing. Choosing your printer. Picking out special pens for editing.

How about deciding exactly how you're going to sell your new e-book? You know, that e-book that you haven't written and you'll never finish? What price are you going to charge, and what affiliate platform are you going to use? After all, you've gotta figure out how other bloggers can sell the book you aren't writing, right?

Do you recognize a pattern here? These things you're doing, these plans you think you're laying out--they are all delaying tactics. Each and every one of them is an obstacle preventing you from writing.

And yet all the while you can work enthusiastically on these obstacles and think you are making progress as a writer.