Sunday, April 22, 2012

On Being Firm With Yourself

Just because I tell you in one post not to be so hard on yourself, it doesn't mean you can get away without having any discipline at all.

What are the goals you're setting for your creative work? And when I say goals, I'm not talking about wimpy near-term goals like writing for 30 minutes a day. What are your long-term, audacious goals? What are your three-year and five-year plans for your writing?

If you don't already have answers to these questions at the ready, then you're going too easy on yourself. Yes, it's important to practice writing regularly. Yes, it's even more important to put your work in front of readers. But the really life-changing stuff happens when you map out long-term goals and audaciously big projects.

You deserve these things. Don't get too comfortable.

Readers: One of the best ways to help you focus on your biggest and hairiest long-term goals is to state them in a public forum. What are your long-term writing goals?