Wednesday, May 16, 2012


My blog has a level of honesty that doesn't really exist in my real life.

This striking statement came from a friend of mine who writes Climb The Rainbow, an exceptional blog dedicated to helping women escape abusive relationships.

When I heard this, I said to her, "Then you have to blog more. It's obvious."

If you're lucky, the more you write, the more that honest part of you will grow. Gradually it will take on a bigger role in your life. And eventually, as more of your friends and family find and read what you've written, this honestly will become known to them too.

Most of us speak in multiple voices. We have our real-world voice, which, thanks to various social conventions like courtesy and social conditioning, is usually diplomatic and polite. This voice avoids controversial subjects and tries not to argue or pick fights with people. Hey, we all want to have at least some friends, right?

But then we have our writing voice, which is more open and honest. It's our forum where we share more of our inner thoughts and ideas.

The more you write, the more these personalities encroach on each other, and the honestly that fills your writing voice starts to impose itself on your real-world personality. Let it.

It's about time the world got to know the real you, don't you think?