Sunday, June 3, 2012

Repeating the Same Year, Twenty Times Over

There's nothing more pathetic than seeing someone claim twenty years of experience at a job when it's obvious that they really have one year of experience, repeated twenty times over.

Think about the people in your life who are like this. Are they fulfilled? Are they happy? Have they grown personally or learned new skills? Doubtful.

The very same thing can happen with your writing. Don't let it. Don't settle for writing in your private journal and never put your work out in public. Don't maintain a blog in a subject area you've already mastered when there are other subjects you could master. These are low-quality writing tasks that you can and should move beyond.

It is tantalizingly easy to write every day and yet never get any better. Force yourself out of your comfort zone. Address subjects you don't know well. Use a radically different writing voice. Write in formats that are new to you.

Remember: As a writer, you are your own boss. You create your own career. Don't be so easy on yourself.