Sunday, June 24, 2012

Writers Write. And You're Not Writing.

You're either a writer or you're not. It's simple.

When you use this lens to think about your writing, life becomes clearer. Your excuses start to wilt under this lens.

If you're a writer, you'll find time to write. You'll make writing a significant part of your life. It won't matter if you have writer's block or if you're starved for ideas. It won't matter how insecure you are about what you've written. It won't even matter how objectively bad your writing is.

Instead, you'll just do your best, write and make the best of things. You'll keep trying.

But if you go on and on about your writing block, complain about how difficult writing is, or worst of all, talk about writing rather than writing, please remember these aren't the activities of a writer. Remember, you're either a writer or you're not.

Writers write. And you're not writing.

One final thought. Talking endlessly about your writing block, your lack of ideas, your lack of time, etc., merely gives your energy and power over to those obstacles.

How about being a bit more subversive? Why not write an article on solutions to writing block? Or write an emotional short story about a character who just can't beat his writing block? Why not write a satire about whiners and excuse makers and include every single one of your best excuses in the piece?

Don't let your excuses and your complaints stop you--mine them for material. Don't give your power away to them.