Sunday, July 22, 2012

Easy Power

In sports, the expression easy power refers to using clean technique and efficient body movement to generate maximum effect. Think Pete Sampras' serve, Jerry West's jump shot, or Usain Bolt effortlessly tearing up the track in the 100 meters.

How can you apply easy power to your writing? What elements of your mind and body can you put to work for you?

For my part, I try to make sure the vast majority of my writing is about subjects I'm deeply interested in. When I write articles for Casual Kitchen, I only cover subjects that I want to cover. When I write cookbook reviews or talk about food-related books I've read, I choose only works that wow me so much that the review practically writes itself.

Here at Quick Writing Tips, I focus on aspects of writing that I'm personally trying to improve, understand or figure out. That way, any thinking that goes into writing a post here also helps me with my writing. And that makes writing this blog more like "play" than work.

One more idea to consider: How about using the power of obsession, habit and compulsion to your advantage? If you love to watch TV or surf the internet, but you know that those activities take away from your writing time, why not make those activities a reward that you can have... after you've met your writing goals for the day? An internally consistent goal mechanism like this could be an effective way to apply easy power to your writing too.