Sunday, November 11, 2012

How To Fix a Shitty, Unproductive Day in About Twenty Minutes

Let's say you're having a world-class shitty day--one of those days where you're outrageously frustrated with your writing. Perhaps because you:

* Procrastinated all day,
* Didn't back up your writing and you lost it somehow,
* Discovered that a huge chunk of your novel needs to be scrapped,
* Received some external feedback that not only convinced you that you suck--it convinced you that you will always suck.

I can teach you an easy way to fix all that, and it works in just twenty minutes. Here's how:

1) Look over your list of in-process writing projects.
2) Pick any item at random.
3) Set a timer for twenty minutes.
4) Write.
5) When the timer goes off, stop writing.

Wait, correction. When the timer goes off, decide whether you'd like to stop writing. If you want to quit, quit. It's okay. But if you want to keep going, do so.

I'm betting you'll choose to keep going. If you do, your shitty day has been fixed.