Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why I'll Never Return To Yahoo's Homepage. Ever.

Yahoo's homepage, for example, tests more than forty-five thousand unique combinations of story headlines and photos every five minutes.
--Ryan Holiday, Trust Me, I'm Lying

Readers, never forget that sites like Yahoo (as well Gawker, HuffPo and most other pageview-supported media) are not meant to inform you. They will never provide you with useful information. Instead, they are designed to cater to your curiosity. They designed to distract you, anger you, titillate you. Anything to get you to click on just one more pageview.

We're the rats. They're the scientists on the other side of the internet figuring out how to get us to click. They win the moment you click through and receive your pellet of information.

You lose. You've wasted time and attention that you'll never get back.