Sunday, March 17, 2013

Money, and the Economic Freedom To Write

It's overdue that this blog talks about money. After all, if you want to have a career as a writer, you're gonna need some.

Why? Because you won't earn all that much just by writing. Which means you'll need to put yourself in an economic situation where you can afford to write for a living. That means one of two things: find flexible work that leaves you plenty of time for writing, or get your expenses down--way, way down--so you don't need much money in the first place.

Wait. There's a third option. Do both. Find flexible work and get your expenses down.

For readers serious about achieving financial independence, I can recommend two resources. First, read the life-changing book Your Money Or Your Life. Be sure to complete each of the book's exercises. Second, read my in-depth, chapter-by-chapter series on the book at my other blog, Casual Kitchen.

Take these steps. In a matter of a few brief years, you'll find yourself in a radically improved financial position. I promise. Most importantly, you'll have the economic freedom to write.