Sunday, May 30, 2010

Change Up Your Writing Habits

Most of us have deeply ingrained habits that we rely on while writing. We compose only on a certain laptop, or we only compose in longhand. We like to write in a certain room of our house, or in a certain coffee shop, or at a specific time of day.

Habits like these are highly useful. They put us into a comfortable routine of regular writing. They help us become more efficient and protect us from distraction, so we can direct our energy toward generating creative ideas.

But some habits can outlive their usefulness, becoming ruts that sap you of creativity and productivity. And there is always a chance that adopting a new habit might take you to much greater levels of productivity and effectiveness.

Over the next few weeks, change up your habits. Try out a few new ones, and discard one or two of your least useful old habits.

Change your setting. Write in bed. Try an alternate method of composing text. Read something inspiring before your writing session. Exercise between writing sessions. Write at your regularly scheduled time (there are some habits that you should never break), but then try adding another writing session at a different time of day.

If a new habit doesn't work particularly well, feel free to discard it. But when you find a new habit that works for you, embrace it. And keep writing!