Sunday, October 24, 2010


You think your urge to procrastinate is stronger than your urge to write?

You're wrong.

"What?" you laugh, "my urge to procrastinate is so strong that I'm actually dusting my entire house in order to put off writing."

Listen, here's the truth. You don't want to get out of doing your daily writing session. Because once you get into it, you will love it.

So just get into it. Fine, let yourself feel those feelings of dread before you start. But start. Let it suck, initially. Just start. And when you get to the middle of your writing session, you will love it.

Which begs an obvious question: how can you get to that glorious middle of your writing session without first starting?

You can't.

That's why you need to shut up, sit down and just start. Don't protest so much. The sooner you start, the sooner writing becomes something you love again.