Sunday, February 12, 2012

Violate Your Readers' Expectations

Here's a stylistic idea for your next blog post: go beyond the standard of making definite assertions and try making some truly outlandish statements.

Be combative. Do your readers a favor and pick a fight with them. Provoke them. Shake them out of their intellectual and ideological status quo. Give them controversial insights that you know they'll disagree with, and challenge them to tell you why they disagree.

This may be an extreme challenge for some of you, especially for new bloggers who might be afraid of criticism and blowback from readers. But by far the most effective way to engross your readers is to violate their expectations from time to time.

If you typically write with careful balance and a judicious tone, imagine shaking up your audience with a vividly written and bluntly argued one-sided post. Stop being so boring. Surprise your readers for once.