Sunday, September 16, 2012

Getting Away From Home to Write

To my wife, my desire to procrastinate is by far my most attractive trait. It's amazing (to both her and me) what I'll do to get out of writing. I wash dishes. I do laundry. I cook.

Hell, I'll even iron, for God's sake.

This might be great for my marriage, but it's toxic for my writing career. That's why, sometimes, the best place to write is anywhere other than your own home.

The next time you feel procrastinatory urges, get out of the house and get away from your usual sources of distraction. Head to your library or to a local cafe (preferably one without free internet, which removes yet another tempting time-waster). After all, you'd have to be a truly insane procrastinator to dust or clean someone's cafe, right? Then, stay there until you've written for at least an hour--a period of time long enough to put you into a flow state.

Another idea: create a clear and concrete writing goal, and don't leave for home until you've met it. Decide that you intend to complete drafts of two blog posts, or complete a full edit of a chapter of your next book.

Once you're out of the house and you've set conditions like this, you have no choice but to write--or you can't go home.