Sunday, March 3, 2013

Improper Assumptions

There are certain assumptions you can't afford to make when writing.

1) Don't assume your writing is always crystal clear to your readers. Have somebody else read your stuff, or at least let your writing rest for a bit and give it one more edit before clicking publish. Use fresh eyes. You'll be surprised at how many poorly phrased sentences you'll catch lurking in your writing. Spare your readers from having to read them.

2) Don't assume you know what your audience wants. You aren't always going to know. Hell, they aren't always going to know. Readers want their expectations violated from time to time, and it's always the kiss of death for any creative artist to try too hard to give his readers exactly what they want to read.

3) Don't assume you deserve your readers' attention. Instead, earn it with every post and every paragraph. Don't ramble. Don't blither. Most importantly, share your ideas in an interesting, insightful and unusual way.